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Becoming  Los Angeles Locksmith's Member

Here is what you get for being a Los Angeles Locksmith member:
  • You eliminate lockout worries—of being locked out of your home, business or automobile.
  • You can change locks and keys when you aren’t sure who has keys to the new house you’ve just bought.
  • You can handle situations where an employee has left you without returning his/her keys.
  • You’re away from home and have lost your car keys.
  • You can handle emergency locksmith services that seem to pop up at exactly those unexpected times.
These are only a few of the reasons for you to become a member today

With membership you also get the following valuable benefits:
  • A minimum discount of 10% on all services—for you and your family.
  • A minimum discount of 15% for all repeat customers.
  • Free security consultations.
  • A check for $10 for every new client you refer to us for whom we complete a job.


"Our company just took over an old office that included some usable desks and a safe. Since we didn’t have the keys to the desks or know the combination to the safe, we needed a locksmith. Los Angeles Locksmith was able to do the job at the competitive price and we were impressed with the professionalism of their locksmiths."

"The last time I went camping with my buddies, I used my car key to pry something open and broke it in the process. Since I was the driver that weekend, we needed an emergency locksmith so I could get us all home. Los Angeles Locksmith actually had a locksmith available in the area and was able to manufacture a new key for me. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but their locksmith saved us from a long hike home."

"Our family’s business recently installed some video monitoring devices and called Los Angeles Locksmith to do the work. They got everything installed properly the first time and their locksmiths were very knowledgeable about the technology. I definitely think they are the best locksmiths in town."